Thurs. Night Drill 8/28


Members of the IHBVFD participated in our weekly Thursday night drill. Tonight’s scenario was using the station as a warehouse with HVAC units on fire on the roof, and victims trapped inside. Once the crews reached the victim, the wall “magically” disappeared, and they activated a “Mayday”. RIT made entry, located the lost crew and victim, […]

Live Burn Training


On June 22, 2014, your Indian Harbour Beach VFD along with Melbourne Beach VFD and Indialantic FD went to a live fire training burn. This burn gave all firefighters and officers time to train in actual smoke and heat conditions. Twenty firefighters in all participated.   In this burn, every department completed 3 scenarios: 1. […]

Joint training with Melbourne Beach and Indialantic FD

An Indian Harbour Beach resident has kindly donated a house that they are remodeling to the Indian Harbour Beach VFD, Melbourne Beach VFD, and Idialantic FD. All three stations were able to practice venting a roof, breaching windows, search and rescue, forcible entry through a door, and breaching walls. All three departments had a blast […]

Aerial Operations and Pump Operations Class


IHB Firefighters recently completed State Certification in Aerial Operations, Hydraulics and Pump Operations. They are now eligible to sit for the State Exam as State Certified Driver Engineers.

Aerial Training at Indian Harbour Beach Club, 8/11/2011


Aerial training was conducted at the Indian Harbour Beach Club on Thursday night. This timeshare resort has a very tight parking area for the apparatus to work in as well as a covered parking area that limits the ability of  Truck 56 to position close to the building which reduces it’s reach and scrub area. Firefighters ascended […]

Recent Graduations.


Congratulations to our newest certified Firefighters: Ed Storch and Jill Carrick recently completed the first phase of their firefighter training and are both now certified as Firefighter I. It was a very long drawn out process for Ed and Jill as they were caught in the middle of the States transition from FFI 160 hour […]

Jemima executes a window bailout.

Look how gracefully she executes this maneuver.

Jemima’s second window bailout.

Well not so good this time, listen for her yell out to her spotter, BOBBY!!!!!!! Forgot to hold the rope!

Firefighter Drag Rescue Video

Our firefighters practicing drag rescues and wall breach crawl and tube crawl at drill night.

IHBVFD Driver Pump Operator Training Class

Speak No, Hear No, See No Evil, But let's face it they are all evil!

Pictures from our last Driver Pump Operator Class to qualify to take the Florida State Certification test for Driver Engineer.